Help with a certain player model.

I downloaded a player model from a certain addon (everything works great, except for the player model.) and whenever I select the player model from the list, it spawns me as a normal Combine Soldier. I can get the player model working, but I have to spawn the ragdoll, Use Model Manipulator, select it, and make it my player model. I have also tryed reinstalling the add on and typing in cl_playermodel BlueHelmet in the console, still spawns me as a regular Combine Soldier.

In case you were wondering, there was no contact email and this is the file link

Now the same thing happened to half of my player models, mostly the custom ones and the human/resistance.

if you are signed up for click who uploaded it then if they is a send message option tell the user about the problem

There isn’t a send message option.


a broken download?

Nope, works perfect to download, but the player model doesn’t work.

Bump, also happens to CSS Player Models and some other custom ones.

Holy shit, It’s happening to almost all of my player models.

I also tryed reinstalling, nothing.

Someone has to be with me too, I can’t use half of my playermodels.


Hi there.


The guy who made the models could have done it wrong.

Re install the entire gmod game and then the player models again. Or maybe you installed the models wrong.

I already reinstalled and installed the models correctly.

There has to be someone who has had this problem before.


Never mind, there was just an LUA error not showing in the console. Mods can bother to close this thread.