Help with a custom lighting method/theory.

**Ok so I have this idea, more of a theory really based on something I once saw. For some reason I can not figure out how to re-enact this idea with my own head. So I was wondering If you guys could help me.

So I want to take a light(entity) and change the color of it based on trigger of some type. Is this possible or am I just going crazy trying to figure this out when it doesn’t exist? I appreciate all feedback negative and positive, Thanks.
-sincerely Vernon**

Use a light_dynamic with the proper inputs.

I just have 2 lights with different colours right next to each other. And make it disable the first light when the second is on, and vice versa.

Use a trigger to change the light 1 off and light 2 on with triggered.

Whether it be by touching the trigger, pushing a button, etc.