Help with a few things.

Hey guys! I’ve recently got GMOD and i’m starting to get the hang of it. I mostly play SpaceBuild. I’ve got a few questions though.

-Is there a way to make a button (like in wiremod) connect to the Life Support generators to turn them all on with one button?

-Is there a way to make only certain thrusters turn on when you sit in a specific chair? (eg. on a ship, if you sit in the pilot’s seat you control the ship’s thrusters with the numpad instead of when you’re in a fighter docked in the ship.)

-Is there a way to make a crosshair to aim weapons welded to your ship?

Sorry if I sound like a noob. Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Last thing, can you make a camera (rt camera) output its display to a wiremod screen? I want to have multiple cameras and screens so I can see all around my ship =]


Both of these are easy to do with Wiremod. The second one would be done using AND gates and Adv. Pod Controllers.


You can use RT screens, but they’re not wiremod controlled, and you can only use one at a time. A Wire Camera Controller would let you get a better view of your ship.

How would you do this? And is it possible to make your wires invisible?

set the width of the wire to 0, you gotta type in in


And as for the seats thing, you make a seat and attatch a pod controller to it. The pod controller outputs certain things when you press buttons, such as when you are in the pod and press W, the pod controller outputs a “1” for “W”. You simply attatch the forward or up/down thruster to W, because when you input 1 to a wire thruster it will give thrust, to the “W” output on the controller.

Easier done than

Thanks for the info! Now does anyone know how to make a crosshair and cameras?

The crosshair itself is easy to turn on, just wire Corsshair (or something similar) on a Adv Pod Controller to the Active output. That way when you sit in the chair the corsshair will show up. The aiming system is the harder part of that I’m afraid. And the bit I cannot do, or do well.

Thanks alot. :slight_smile: