Help with a flood map

Okay, I’m in the process of making a map and I compiled and played in garrys mod. I noticed that my water texture isnt showing up. Everywhere there is water, nothing appears. If you need to request a video just let me know, and ill show you what im talking about. thanks for any help given. and again, if you dont understand what im trying to say, just let me give you a video. then youll understand better.

Did you put a cubemap on the water?

If the water doesn’t have a cubemap assigned to it then it won’t work properly.

I’ll try that, thanks.

EDIT: Wait, you can’t assign an env_cubmap to the water…

Compile with full vvis

I compile with vis at Normal.

Sounds like a leak in the map to me. Check around and make sure there isn’t any spots the player can see outside the map.

Would an Ambient_Generic set outside of the map be a problem?

Anything inside the void other than brushes will cause the map to leak.

Alright, well I fixed the leak, but now, when I try to load up my map HL2.exe Crashes. WTF?!?! haha, does anyone know why this is. It wasn’t doing this before.

Post your compile log and use [noparse]



Also, you don’t actually have to use cubemaps for water if it’s the only cubemap you planned on using, seen as the engine automatically places one if you don’t when you compile the map.