Help with a LUA error for a short GMOD no-clip script

I really only have half an idea of what I’m doing… Any help is appreciated.**

[ERROR] lua/autorun/server/antinoclip.lua:2: ‘=’ expected near ’ ’

  1. unknown - lua/autorun/server/antinoclip.lua:0

local function AntiNoclip(ply)
if ply:IsUserGroup(“A”,“B”) then return false end

It’s pretty simple, Player:IsUserGroup is a function of 1 parameter, you provide 2

Any way to provide two? I’m assuming you’re referring to my two separate groups, A & B.

You could try and use a table.

local groups = {

local function AntiNoclip(ply)
	if ply:IsUserGroup(groups) then
		return false

That would provide a “String expected, got table” error.

If you want multiple groups, do this:

local groups = {
hook.Add( "PlayerNoClip", "AntiNoclip", function( ply )
	if table.HasValue( groups, ply:GetUserGroup() ) then return false end
end )

Or use the code in the reply below me, it’s more efficient

Ideally you should do this:

local ranks = {
    superadmin = true,
    admin = true

-- in your hook or function or whatever
if ranks[pl:GetUserGroup()] then
    -- return whatever here