Help with a model.

Hello people.

Recently I started to make models with Blender after one year of trying, asking suggestion to some modellers I know on Steam, following tutorial and such, and yet I made my first custom model that I think a few people would appreciate to see for Source Film Maker for posters and, why not, even as a mod for a TF2 Weapon maybe.

Well, I made this model:

And tried to unwrap to make the textures of the item. The only problem is that the unwrap gives me this result: WARNING: big image.

And this makes me asking what to texture and what not and even if I did something wrong.

If somebody could tell me what exactly to do, because I tried to see tutorials on YouTube, saw some threads but nothing.

If somebody could help me, I would highly appreciate it.

EDIT: Solved guys, I assumed that I am stupid enough to do not follow with attention the tutorials.