Help with a new Gmod Gamemode


Is a new gammode I’m working on and wanted to know if someone could help me. I will post everything I wrote about it. The reason I ask is because I’m new to lua and don’t know everything about it. So heres my idea.

I made this for one of my friends so if you don’t understand then heres my main point.

It’s a build off of Darkrp with new classes and entities. So if you can’t do anythng below then heres a quick easy way. Make a module spawn an entity/drug. So if you would like to help script, post below.

Its where you try to grow/make Drugs without getting busted.

The number of classes can be changed.
I would like to take stuff from perp and use that as misc things and Dark rp is the main base of the project.

How the drugs work

we could make a weed plant and it spits out the weed or we can take the script of rowing weed from perp and use that.

Take an oven, potpan, and some random box of food (those where the props) then make it where you combine the 3 and it then make a cocain brick.

Take a nedel model and a lad model. Add the two together a full needle is produced.

LSD: Take a acid bottle model and have it added to a fungus model.

OxyContin: pill bottle model.

Moonshine: grow corn, box of yeast model, water bottle model. Add together and presto you got a moonshine bottle. We can find a bottle model.

Shrooms: Take the script from perp. or make a seed or buy one and plant it.


We can have them pay for an stove/lab and then they click on the stove or a lab (model) then they select one of those drugs and it make a single brick, neddle, or LSD (big tub).

or for all of the drugs you can just make it work like the money printer and it spits out of the diffrent models.


The drug gang ranks: every drug rank can grow weed and shrooms. They can all sell. (the number by their names mean how many of them their can be. the numbers can change.)

(0) supplyer: Make in NPC. sells the seeds for MJ, shrooms and OxyCotten

(5)grower: Makes all of the drugs.

(2) seller: sells it.

(2) runner: moves the fished drugs.

Police ranks: (ordered from Highest to lowest)

(1) Chief of police: who orders whats going on who will be staked and when a drug bust will happen. Do what the mod boss with the speak thing every police man has the agenda. The detective Has to have bought drugs or found them on a platation.

(3) S.W.A.T. : The people who go in and arrest. they can arrest anyone that the chief says. They can’t bust in any door with out the cheif letting them.

(2) Cop Detective: Finds evedance of drugs.

(10) Cop : Patrolles the streets and can report drugs found to detectives.

nice idea but i think darkrp has some thing along these lines

well its a build off of dark rp

Why cant you do it your self?

one I’m new to scripting and two I asked If anyone could help not do it for me.

  1. Well, we can’t help if you don’t give us something to work off of.
  2. ^^ Thus we would be doing everything ourselves.
  3. ^^ Thus this is in the wrong section.

You’re pretty much asking people to do everything you just posted.

" I asked If anyone could help not do it for me"

Hey, could you not do this for me?