Help with a new music script, have examples!

I own a server am would love to be able to stream music to people while they build

I found something which is LIKE what I want. Youtubeplayer (… But something that is alot less messy then me having to noclip over to the screen and input the url…

I am looking for something that streams music in-game serverside but would allow me to stick in urls in the file so could just select them in-game, hopefully with a actually proper menu then this screen. Also a GUI (think thats what they are called anyway :D) which would have tabs I click which streams urls which I would have put in the addons folder for it. So like if I wanted to play a url Green day:
I would stick Green day: into the folder in addons and then in-game there would be a button which says Green day which when I click streams that url to people in my server

A volume control would be GREAT. Like if the music automatically lowers for everyone when someone uses mic? That way people could still chat but listen to music too.

Is anything like this possible? I know it would probably be alot of effort but ALOT of people would enjoy this, not just me since youtubeplayer was put up 18 days ago and already 11719 downloads!

Something like this would be just amazing!

And for the record this link ( is KINDA what i want except serverside and WITHOUT the video and WITH a GUI. Since thats what lowers the FPS I dont want it as its only music i want anyway… Oh and and WITH a GUI.

Could some amazing person be nice enough to do this? You would be worshipped!

If you think this is stupid for such-a-such reason please tell me and explain why!
Or if you think its impossible for such-a-such reason please tell me and explain why too :D:D:D.

At least then I could give up on this been googling and searching the internet for days non-stop.

The reason nobody releases it is because as soon as it is released, the novelty will wear off. Which is why I am keeping mine private. If you want one, you will probably have to learn lua, unless someone has a different opinion to my own.

Not really. You telling me that once musex came out and people could listen to their music, they didnt bother anymore? No. I for example rarely play Gmod WITHOUT listening to music.

Like ok understandably for some, it would wear off but I truely think for most people it would still be used alot and really improve gameplay.

Like i use that youtubeplayer which CAN crash people so I play a song every few minutes and before I do I ulx vote does anyone mind the risk of crashing and out of maybe 12 people, 3 vote they do care and the rest say they dont.

People just like listening to music while building makes it more enjoyable…

What FlapJack means, is it’s less unique. People will like one server over another just for a music system. Too many servers are EXACTLY the same. A music system like this is one of the very few unique things that only a couple servers have. Granted, I have my player on four servers, but they can be trusted to not release it and such. You’ll most likely have to code your own.

Also, I hear that someone is about to release a player =[ So get ready to think of something new and exciting.

Link or it didn’t happen. We need to persuade this person not to do it.

Good luck persuading me

All good, I have some ideas, and I can almost guarantee my system is 100x better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, so many people will be confused how to set it up, unless it’s just asking for a youtube link. In which case, I’m not worried at all.

Edit: It’s a streaming radio channel. So I’m not worried AT ALL.

While reading this the “Dont worry be happy” song was playing in my head…

Also leach whats the radio about, is it a clientside radio or serverside for everyone?

That’s his radio. Not saying it’s bad, it’s just a lot different from what I have.

That IS a valid point I’ll admit like I suppose I could understand you wanting your server to be unique, sure if I was any good with LUA I’d probably do the same to be completely honest…

I don’t suppose someone would be willing to give me a chance? I have absolutely no urge to release it at all I just want it for my server, I always have and that’s it. I know there isn’t likely to be anyone but I’m just saying I don’t want to release, I just WANT it lol. Love listening to music on my server and so does everyone else.

I’m not being lazy here I’m just completely clueless is all. Sure if someone made a step by step tutorial on how to code your own, even if it took hours for me to do it, I would DO it.

So anyone willing to help me out? Honestly I swear you dont have to worry about me releasing it, doesn’t interest me at all.

What’s the IP of your server? I’d like to take a look :smiley:

Project Eclipse (SPALL) will be released when it’s done. Stop moaning at me through PM’s.


Lol dont expect much its a 16 slot server which is always full when I’m on but was only started on Sunday. However last year I had a server for 4 months was extremely popular, so much that numerous people offered us, without us asking in advance, to let them pay for the server instead of closing it. I did anyway since it was the time constraint that was the issue though and I didn’t want to pass the server I had built on to anyone else.

Pop on if you like. Could explain to me why people can use adv dup even though its set to respected in ASSmod lol :smiley:

(P.S and for the record, I never PM’ed you. I know you probably mean people irritating you in general but I would rather you didn’t give the impression that I’m annoying people over this when I have done no such thing.)

(P.P.S Not that I’m not looking forward to it lol. Can’t wait :D. Just saying is all)

If you want people to be able to stream music, use this:

It gives instructions on how to make people download a client-side (won’t broadcast to everyone, like Youtube player does) radio player. It has a shit load of songs/radio stations already in and also has the ability to put in a custom URL.

hey irish, neat idea, ill pop in your server sometime soon, maybe now? if im on my nickname is something like [P]rojectAnnihilation

Sorry I didnt reply been away a long time. If you want Brandan :-). People seem to have fun anyway so check it out sometime if you want. In-game name The Rogue Amigo

But I won’t be on for awhile. Been gone like all this week and for 3 more days lol. But dont let that make you think I don’t play. Just holidays.

Just finished school so going to be looking for a job now… And with the recession in Ireland… Probably going to take a while. Yep… lots of free time :frowning: :D.

Decayer my only problem with using a addon like that is people will have to download a ton of songs then which take awhile… Might make a person who WOULD have joined my server instead not bother as too much to download you know?