Help with a second advert command.

*** Hello, I’m going to be quick and blunt as not to waste time.

Currently I am making a StarWarsRP server on GarrysMod using a online server host (So all files are online and not within my possession, Mind you I can edit and mess with them through the host) and I am looking to make a SECOND /advert command without getting rid of the original, so a whole new /advert and what I am looking for is the following.

I would like the command to be /c the tag to be [Comms] with the color code of: 201, 57, 222, 255. If possible it is literally /advert with a differnt command, color and tag without getting rid of the original /advert as that will be used for annoucements.

I have looked everywhere for the past hours trying to find this out but can’t seem to find it. If possible tell me how to get to the folder as well.

Thank you and I would like to apologize for asking for this mostly because this is a devoloper forum and I have almost no knowlage of Lua/Ect and I have to ask for help. ~ Felix. ***

Just copy and paste the advert code and change it to the way you want it.

I don’t know where the advert code is located, I looked in DarkRPModification and DarkRP gamemode folders. (renamed to starwarsrp of course)

They’re in darkrp/entities/entities/darkrp_billboard