Help with a wanna-be LUA coder

Hey, I want to learn how to start LUA coding. Any of you got any good tutorials, or could help teach me? (Lua tutorials. You can try them using their suggested methods or in-game with the lua console commands.) (The old wiki, somewhat outdated but still a good source). (Might be useful to you later when you’re starting to know what you’re doing.)

Thanks, this’ll be great. Though i’d also like some one on one tutoring as a bit of help if anyone is interested in doing that.

**Edit: Also, am looking to make a gamemode.

Aim for something smaller, learning Lua just to make a gamemode as soon as possible is a pipe dream.

Try making some sweps. Then move on to snpcs. Try looking at other peoples code and learn from that. If you do look t peopls code, make sure it works in Gmod 13.

Tip for first project, try something simple like a pistol,shotgun etc. then try something different and unique. Like swep that fires cinerblocks and if you fire while sprinting it fires concrete slabs. Do that for your first project.

Edit: sorry for spelling errors. Posting from phone, big hands little buttons…