Help with adding custom taunts in prop hunt?

I pay for a garry’s mod server, and have recently added a prop hunt gamemode. I wanted to add some custom taunts, but I can’t figure out where they go. Yes, I have tried googling it, most, if not all of the things that I’ve come across say that the taunts are in gamemode aunts\props; but that folder doesn’t exist. I’ve tried putting them in a folder, then adding the location to a, but that hasn’t worked.

add to garrysmod/music

I don’t currently have a music folder, If I make one, then put the sounds in there, what location do I put in the sh_config file? just “gamemode\music\example.wav”? (Sorry, I’m fairly new to this.)

No sorry, it’s me, put in taunts folder : garrysmod\sound aunts
Modifie garrysmod\gamemodes\prop_hunt\gamemode\sh_config.lua
and add a line : taunts/blabla.mp3

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Or have you taken your prophunt file? mine has a problem, could you share me. thank you

I put the files in garrysomd\sound aunts and put the names in \gamemode\sh_config but they still aren’t working. The error
‘Failed to load sound “taunts est.mp3”, file probably missing from disk/repository’
comes up. Any ideas?

Also, I didn’t have a sound folder, so I made one. If that means anything.

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Here’s the sh_config file:

You have teamviewer for help you ?

I have it installed, but have never used it. I assume I send you my ID and password?


Here’s my steam, don’t want to post ID and such here

816 381 866

Reuploading the whole thing seemed to work. Thanks for being patient.

I am having a problem getting the taunts to work. I too have a server provider in which I placed the .wav files in the garrysmod/sound/taunts folder via FTP

I then went to gamemodes/prop_hunt/gamesmodes/sh_config.lua and edited the following lines to read the following:

// Sound files hunters can taunt with
// You need at least 2 files listed here


When added to the server files I get NO errors saying “cannot find sound” etc. So everything appears to be properly configured. The server even downloads the sounds when joining. HOwever when F3 is pushed to taunt, no sounds are heard from the hunters. I am stumped and my google and youtube searches yielded no useful results.

Yeah, somebody should give an answer for this. Should have been solved already.

JackkTutorials JUST released a video on this!