Help with Adding

I need help with adding vehicles to my server. I know how to add addons and all but not vehicles. Do I just put them in the folder? And also, How do I put it in the car dealer? I have the 3D_Car_dealer so if anyone can help id appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Just put them in your addons. Vehicles aren’t any different from normal addons.

Thanks but also how do I put it in the car dealer?

I know nothing about the car dealer you’re using. I’m assuming it either:

  1. Automatically recognizes the cars
  2. Has a command that can add cars in-game, or
  3. Has a config file to add cars this is it.

That’s a referral link.


This is a coderhire addon… have you tried contacting the creator?

I dont know how

Send him a message on Coderhire.

I know this addon. In the addon there should be a read me. In that read me there should be directions on how to add cars to the dealer.

Dang it man we were just about to see if he actually bought the thing

There isnt a read me. It just says addon

Where did you get the addon from?

I doubt he actually bought the addon…