Help With addons

im brazilian so my english isn’t the best, i will try to explain my problem.
I Like DoD so i download the DoD weapons to put on my GMOD
and how i’m new on GMOD, I put the weapons on Addons folder.
and when i am plaiyng, the weapons dont have models, almost all of them are errors,
my friend send me link from the youtube, and the video shows how to put addons directly on the folders
and I Tried that, but the same problem appeared. and that problem appears on all the addons i put.
Can someone Help Me?

(I Don’t Have DoD:S)

Another thing, can someone explain me how to make doors? because i tried a lot of times with a lot of tools and just problems xD, and i noticed on some videos on youtube an password number pad to open doors, this is an addon?

Sorry for the bad english xD

You need DoD:S for the weapons to work. If the addon creator included the models it would be warez. :eng101:

And you can make doors easily by using the axis tool. Just shoot the top side of the door on the end you want it to hinge on, then shoot the underside of the doorway you want to attach it to. But all that passwording/keypad stuff is an addon, likely Wiremod.

the creator just inclued some models, =/
i know it’s not legal but if I download DoD:S, i can use the models?
i will buy my Garrys Mod in some days(im playng on my friends Notebook), and, i dont wnat to buy DoD for using the weapons(here in brazil its very expenssive the original games), and another thing, i want to buy the pack, Garrys Mod + TF 2, can i use the TF 2 weapons, props and everything on the garrys Mod?
Can you explain the axis thing with other words? my english isn’t the best xD

Axis is basically a hinge like on a door, and if you do buy TF2 you CAN use the models in gmod, but you have to download another addon for the weapons. And the only way to see DoD:S models, textures, and weapons, is to buy the game or somehow get the models and textures from some warez website, which is not advised, because you can get viruses.

thankz man, you saved my life (ok, you saved my game xD)
axis is not what i want =/ if you se on the youtube, the fortress of the people, they enter codes and the door open, is that what i want xD

That’s Wiremod, then. Download it from and follow the tutorials in the garrys mod wiki.