Help with animating models

Well i started working on a gamemode for garrysmod now my questions are

Can i make custom animations for models for my gamemode?

If yes how and with what program or whatever i need to use?

You can make animations with just just about any modeling program I belive. You can make custom animations for any model, but I belive that if you want to add animations for lets say… the citizens, then you have to recompile every single on of em, though I’m not fully sure about that. When you’re finished with the animation and exported it, you will need to define it in the .qc file. You can do this with:



$sequence idle "idle" loop ACT_VM_IDLE 1 fps 4.00

Everything you need to know about sequences should be right here:$sequence

use 3ds max 2010.

i recommend max 2009 more becuase most HL2 model making tools only work with 2009.

i use 2010 and im fine :smiley:

Max 2009 is awesome. It has the viewcube and it works on my work laptop that has no SSE2 support.