Help with ApplyAngForce in Expression 2 anyone?

Take a look at the ship I designed for spacebuild here…

I want to make this ship so that when it is in an atmosphere the engines point downwards and it works like a VTOL so to go forwards the engines lean back a bit and to go left they lean in opposite directions etc, much like the HK Airal from the terminator movies, or like Serenity from the Firefly series.
HOWEVER, when it leaves the atmosphere and goes into space and 0G (use an atmospheric probe to determine space and non space) the engines switch back to the position shown in the image and ‘jet like’ controlls apply for forward flight with pitch and roll in space.
I acheived this through the use of wire hydraulics BUT as soon as I hit space it spazzes out horrifically and crashes the game : |.
I’ve heard I can use ApplyAngForce in an E2 chip to acheive a similar effect and have been looking for days for information to learn how to do so but all i can find is info for how to make prop look in the same direction as me, although this is great it doesnt help me, I want to be able to rotate a prop (the engine) through one axis (pitch, relative to the side of my ship) when i press W A S or D in an advanced pod controller attached to a seat in my cockpit.
I have a limited knowledge of E2 but im SO eager to learn,

Can anyone help me?

And yes serenity was my inspiration, basically, I want to make serenity in GMOD for use in Spacebuild.

Cool idea.

I can’t help you as i never really bothered with E2 selfaware, but i’m pretty sure you’d have more luck asking Here.