Help with applying textures to a weapon model? Plus animation help!

Good day all!

Recently I’ve taken up the interest in porting over weapons from black ops and make them into working SWEPs. The main problem I am having is with apply the textures and making them fit correctly onto the model, I started with something small, like the Makarov PM. So far I know how to export the model into .smd, load it into blender and that’s about it. The problems I am having is:

  1. How can I correctly put the texture on the model? The textures were exported as both .tga and .dds
  2. How do I add the viewmodel arms to the weapon so the hands hold the weapon just like in game? Do I have to use an idle animation to set the arms?
  3. Please pardon my lack of knowledge of doing this, I would like to get into this and make this a neat little past-time hobby! :smiley: I am very willing to learn but please be patient with the newbie. I am good with computers don’t worry ^^

Thank you!

The only modelling program I have is Blender. I am using the Tom Crowley tools to take the models from the game and make them into .smd format when they are exported from the game.

Still would like some help for this…I really would like to have this work out for me, I’m very much interested in learning how to do this

Anyone? Please? I just want to figure out how to apply the textures to the weapon model and add the animations to make a weapon. ;-;