Help with at least one of the codes ;-;

I am hosting a horror server, and I need some help with these codes:

This is all done in sandbox.

No collide with players on the same team. Team name (Test)

When cloaked, the name of the cloaked person disappears.


Either pay or do it yourself. This isn’t a “get code for free” forum.

Okay, I’ll pay $5 for those two command lines.

You would need to send the coder your gamemode so they can correctly set up the “two $5 command lines”.

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Welcome to Facepunch. If you want people to help, you’re going to need loadsamoney.

I didn’t realize the immense faggotry of Facepunch. I’ve never touched lua coding until a few days ago. But google seems to be pretty helpful; I love how the code was so simple, yet no one here could answer. So if I asked somebody on here what 2x2=? , would I have to pay them for that answer too? But I managed to get the no collide to work for team members. Now if I can only figure out when cloak is activated, the name is cloaked too.

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Yes, you would have to pay us for the answer. Reason being you wasting our time by getting us to tell you what 2*2 equals when you have a bloody calculator that comes pre-installed with Windows, plus a huge amount of calculators on the internet.

To prevent collisions of players on the same team, I’d suggest creating your own player class as seen here in sandbox. The base class will display all available options for player classes. Adding the following line to a custom player class will prevent teammates from colliding:
[lua]PLAYER.TeammateNoCollide = true[/lua]

For cloaking, you’ll want to override the function GM.HUDDrawTargetID. The following should work:
[lua]if (trace.Entity:IsPlayer()) then

if trace.Entity:IsCloaked() then

text = trace.Entity:Nick()

–text = trace.Entity:GetClass()

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll probably want to create a new gamemode which derives the Sandbox gamemode.

Yeah Sam’s cool like that.