help with binds

on TTT, im trying to bind a key that will end the end, hopefully, buy, place, and arm, c4. so far I have bind 9 “ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_c4; ttt_quickslot 7; +attack2; +use” . The problem i ran into was i need a wait (which has been removed) command between the first and 2ed command, when i use the command the keys e and leftclick (mouse2) no longer works. If you press the command twice looking at a wall, it will first buy the c4 and then switch and plant the c4 on the 2ed click. please help solve some of these problems or improve on the bind.

There is no wait command -> you idea is ruined.

You can probably do it in two commands? or two different key binds so you can have a few keys binded. It would still be fricking amazing, like a key to buy, a key to take it out, a key to plant…

Alias first “ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_c4; bind 9 second”
Alias second “ttt_quickslot 7; +attack2; +use; -attack2; -use; bind 9 first”
Bind 9 first

Paste the above into you autoexec cfg or a new cfg and run it via console, hopefully this works but i cant test it atm since im not on my computer
To use this, just press 9 twice, first to buy the c4, then again to plant it