Help with bones

ok now i compiled this model(Mad Moxxie) to see if it work(if the compiling worked)but now i come across a few problems,one of them is the bones ,like i don’t know how to label them right since the model has 72 bones not in order by body part,and the other one is the texture is missing.

this is what it looks like: it’s stiff because of the bone problem i guess.

p.s i’m a noob,but hey it’s a borderlands ragdoll those are rare.

You can rename the bones in 3dsmax. If you click on them, their names will show on the first line of the ‘Modifiers’ tab.

If the bone names are already preceded by the ‘ValveBiped’ suffix, you should not change them but, instead, amend the weightlist in your *.qc file to implement the bones with their correct names.

You can feel free to PM me and I’ll try and get you sorted out. =D

Thanks but i dont have 3dsmax do you think you can help me with the ragdoll?

a borderlands ragdoll? help this guy out NAOW!

don’t worry i’m being helped right now lol.