HELP with buildcubemaps :)

Hi, i’m making a map with some glass in it, the problem is that when i run the map the glass has not reflections, seems that there is no texture there, until i do buildcubemaps in console is fixed up. then, when im gonna pack the map (after compile, run, and type buildcubemaps) with pakrat or VIDE, to post it in the workshop the glass again has not reflections. So, my question is, how buildcubemaps works? is necessary type the command in console every time i run the map to get the right reflections? or is there a way to make this automatic or something… Thanks for your help!

You need to type buildcubemaps when your .bsp file is definitive. If you modify it in any way, the cubemaps won’t all work anymore.

So when your BSP file is ready and you’re not going to modify it in any way (including packing content into it), you can just play the map in the game and type buildcubemaps, and it should be good. No need to do it again for anyone, ever. Unless you change the BSP.

apart from what was said above if you set vrad -ldr -hdr or -both you should build cubemaps using this config

-mat_specular 0
-map <mapname>(Load your map)
-mat_hdr_level 0
-map <mapname>
-mat_specular 1
-mat_hdr_level 2
-map <mapname>(Load different level; clears texture cache)
-map <mapname>(Load your map again)

Also don’t forget to build cubemaps on both LDR and HDR, if you want to make your map HDR compatible.

that commands dont appear in the console D: mat_specular and mat_hdr_level

they do in mine don’t include the -