Help with building a ship. Can't fly but if I bump it, the bastard floats away.. : /

I got the space build Addon and followed a tutorial to build a ship.
My ship is made from phx parts. Metal tubes make up most of it and it’s about the size of a bus. It has 2 wings from this aviation model pack and 1 jeep chair.

So the way I had it was with thrusters and hoverballs. Used the numbpad to control it. But I wanted to make it where I can use normal controls for it. So I used wire and an advance gyropod.

I followed the tutorial like this:

get a ship

spawn seat and weld it.

Then spawn an advanced gyro pod and welt it around the center of the ship.

Spawn a advance pod control, constant value, and a numbpad.

I wire the gyropod to the numpad and set “activate” to numbpad 0.

I go to the gpod and wire it the the advpodcon setting “forward” to W.

I do it again a few more times setting “backwards” to S, “move up” to shift, “move down” to S, “yaw left” to A. “yaw right” to D, set the “yaw multi” to the constant value(which was at first set to 6, then tried 1500, then 5500), and set “level” to “ACTIVE”.

I hopped into the seat pushed shift… Nothing… The I thought pushing numpad 0 might do something since I set 0 on the wired numpad thing to activate. Still nothing. I picked up the ship to move it and the damn thing floats away and I’m just standing there scratching my head like “WTF”?.. Appearently something is working… : /

BTW: this is the tutorial:
thats what my ship looks like…

I tried other tutorials but the gyropod does not respond to any buttons presses AT ALL…

Did you make sure the pod controller was linked to the seat?

Hmm. If it already has thrusters and hoverballs, shouldn’t you be using advanced pod controller instead of gyro pod?

I took those out and just tried the method showed on the tutorial. Maybe I got an old version or something?



If you are using gyro pod you don’t need any thrusters or hoverballs. The gyropod itself can fly the ship. Advanced pod controller is used for controlling different wire entities while inside a seat. For example if you wire a thruster to button “W” on the APC, link the APC to a chair and then sit in it, you can activate the thruster by pressing W.

I know, I took out the thrusters and hoverballs. And replaced it all with a adv pod controller, gyropod, numpad control and a constant value.’

I later followed another tutorial which instead of a numbpad, I just place a button on the ship and wire it to activate the gyropod when pressed. I noticed when I pushed it, it started to float. But no controls…


I wired the adv pod controller to the seat aswell as the gyropod

got it working… :slight_smile:

But now all the panels are rattling and going out of place like they’re on crack… :confused:

Do you use smart constrain?Its realy usefull.Also you might want to use nocolide like this:
Start with any part,preferably the centre, and start nocoliding it with the parts it touches.Then nocolide these parts with the parts THEY touch and so on.I would rather use nocolide multi tho =P

Smart Weld is a godsend for large contraptions. :buddy:

lol, I used the smart weld and when when I right clicked to confirm the weld my ship shriveled up XD


it’s better now. lol it’s pretty cool…

Hm, it shouldn’t have done that. Make sure everything you want to weld is selected (highlited in green) before confirming.