Help with button use while on seats

Hey, i just spent and hour er so setting up an aircraft. i decided that i should put in some turret systems, so i wired a few easy mini guns. i made it so u had to hold down a button in order for the gun to work thus making impossible to fire the gun without being close to it, plus i didn’t want to fill up my numpad with useless stuff such as that. i got the turret working and welded it to my craft then welded a seat to the gun. when i sat down in the seat i moved my mouse over to press the fire key and to my surprise my guy just got up out of the seat instead of pressing the button and i realized that the “e” key was used to get in and out of seats and to press buttons. this a large issue because the aircraft, when moving, exserts a force and so if one decided to try and sit next to the gun and hold the button unseated then they will be tossed around and potentially killed.
If anyone could help it’d be greatly appreciated, any help at all.
(p.s. the ship is big enough to walk around in.)

Well, there’s one Addon that makes pressing buttons from seat possible, also, you can move props and ragdolls with it. Link time:

You could try wire and use a advanced pod I think

First of all

Second of all, you can wire your turrets to a keyboard/mouse command with the advanced pod controller.

To do this, link the advanced pod controller to your seat, and wire the A of the turret to whatever command you want it to go to.

That’s better than pressing a button if you’re flying something.