Help with Buttons and levers sequence animation.

I created a prop_dynamic, with the world model "props_wasteland ram_lever01.mdl.
But in the right window of Model Browser, in sequences tab only have "idle"squence…

Why all buttons and levers don’t have pressed and unpressed sequences?
I see all buttons and levers, and only have more sequences the combine button model:

Why only the combinebutton model have sequences and all of other buttons and levers don’t have?
Thanks in advance.

because they used brushes for the levers in game.

Brushes are solid box that i transform in func_button, with a nodraw texture??
And then the button or the lever are inside of the func_button box?

The model in the first screenshot has a separate model for the lever: props_wasteland\panel_leverhandle001a.mdl
I guess you could use it as a prop_door_rotating that rotates on the X axis (Hardware Type: Lever), then place an invisible box in front if it, make it a func_button. In the outputs do the action you want the lever to do and make the prop_door_rotating open.

[tab]Click for larger image[/tab]

As for the “props_wasteland ram_lever01.mdl.” you could use “props_mining\control_lever01.mdl” instead.

Well, thanks for your reply!
The button now rotate!! :slight_smile:
This is what i made, following your pictures:
But don’t by the side i wish, but i fix this tomorrow, i go to sleep now.

Tomorrow too i add a door and i post here the results.
Many thanks for help me :slight_smile:
I appreciated much this.

I don’t have now installed ep 1 and ep2, only have now installed css, hl2, dod,and hl2 deatmatch.
And for that, i don’t have the model “props_mining\control_lever01.mdl”.

No problem, glad I could help.
I thought that might have been the case with the control_lever01.

If you parent the button or lever to a func_rot_button, you can make the lever or the firestarter button rotate on a given axis, at a given point.