Help with Chat Tags

Hey guys, Ive been trying to add new tags to the chat tags addon.
Ive used a few different ones but they all come up with the same issues.
I have ULX installed and the Chat tags i have installed is the Changelog v2.0 version from this Thread,

Im having two issues, The first is when i add new groups and chat tags to the code it wipes all other chat tags in my TTT server.
The second is that all the text in the chat with chat tags is red, which is horrible to read!

I will post my cs_ct.lua config code below, Ive been searching for a clear answer for hours now and i cant find anything!

(i apologies i literally signed up 2 mins ago so i have no idea how to post my code in that grey box sorry for my noobishness!)

–Chat Tags by Tyguy
CreateClientConVar(“chat_tags_color_r”, 255, true, false)
CreateClientConVar(“chat_tags_color_g”, 255, true, false)
CreateClientConVar(“chat_tags_color_b”, 255, true, false)
CreateClientConVar(“chat_tags_color_a”, 255, true, false)

local Tags =
–Group --Tag --Color
{“bregular”, “[BRONZE REGULAR]”, Color(205, 104, 57, 0), },
{“sregular”, “[SILVER REGULAR]”, Color(205, 201, 201 0), },
{“gregular”, “[GOLD REGULAR]”, Color(255, 193, 37 0), },
{“admin”, "[ADMIN] ", Color(0, 51, 153, 255) },
{“superadmin”, "[CO-OWNER] ", Color(186, 85, 211, 0) },
{“owner”, "[OWNER] ", Color(0, 255, 0, 255) },
{“regular”, “[REGULAR]”, Color(255, 193, 37, 0), },
{“operator”, "[MODERATOR] ", Color(255, 51, 51, 0) },


hook.Add(“OnPlayerChat”, “Tags”, function(ply, strText, bTeamOnly)
if IsValid(ply) and ply:IsPlayer() then
for k,v in pairs(Tags) do
if ply:IsUserGroup(v[1]) then
local R = GetConVarNumber(“chat_tags_color_r”)
local G = GetConVarNumber(“chat_tags_color_g”)
local B = GetConVarNumber(“chat_tags_color_b”)
local A = GetConVarNumber(“chat_tags_color_a”)
local nickteam = team.GetColor(ply:Team())
if !bTeamOnly then
chat.AddText(v[3], v[2], nickteam, ply:Nick(), color_white, ": ", Color(R, G, B, A), strText)
return true
chat.AddText(v[3], v[2], nickteam, "(TEAM) ", ply:Nick(), color_white, ": ", Color(R, G, B, A), strText)
return true
if !IsValid(ply) and !ply:IsPlayer() then
local ConsoleColor = Color(0, 255, 0) --Change this to change Console name color
chat.AddText(ConsoleColor, “Console”, color_white, ": ", strText)
return true
end )

Yeah im really sorry again, if anybody can help it would be such a huge help thankyou!

bump? I fixed the red text, but i still cannot add new tags. Ive made the groups in ulx but still it glitches every time i config them

How did you fix the red text? Please!!!