Help With Chatbox

I decided to make a custom chatbox for my gamemode. It ended up looking pretty good:

But the problem is, when I send a new message, it changes the old ones:

Here’s my code:


I know, it’s really unoptimized and stuff. The _G was something I tried to fix it, with no luck. Can anyone help?

Nevermind, I figured it out.
Thanks for nothing, though.

Awesome attitude.

Sure is.
It’s only because this is like, my third unanswered thread in a row.
Kind of makes you mad after a while.

You can’t really be pissed off at us for posting this thread 8 hours ago, then four hours later say you fixed it and rage at us. Plus that’s double posting, you could’ve just edited and said “Nvm, finished, /thread” ;\

Dude you only gave it 4 hours it be answered.

Well, I’m not necessarily pissed of because of this thread, but I have 5 day old thread that I’ve bumped a lot, with no answer yet. And plus, when you have a question, you kind of want it to be answered within a reasonable time. I’ve seen threads get answered within 5 minutes.

Ever thought that they might not know the answer?

You didn’t even tell us what was wrong.

That’s a poor description of a error. I admit I looked at this thread, read the OP and didn’t understand what you were trying to say at all. So I just ignored it. If the OP can’t be bothered to tell us what’s wrong then why help him?

No text wrapping? Awwww.

Look at the pictures, all of the messages in the chatbox are the same.

If it’s a bad description, you should let the person know about it, so that you might actually be able to help once you understand it.

I’ve added text wrapping since this post.
I looked at your achat for a few things, like to find out that DPanelList was what I needed for the messages.

Is there a way to hide the scrollbar after it’s enabled?

Well if he told us that… :\

if( yourpanel.VBar ) then yourpanel.VBar:Remove() end

or yourpanel.VBar:SetVisible(false)

Alright, thanks.