Help with cider pickup for cars

Hello i’ve got a problem a friend gave me a car script a while back and im trying to make a pickup for it but i got a problem i dont know how to make a pickup button for the car in the inventory please can you tell me if this code is correct.

[LUA]function ITEM:onPickup(player)
return true[/LUA]

I dont want to give the whole code incase my script gets stolen.

I just can’t get a [pickup button in my inventory for the car.

-Thanks Please help


and i am looking for a Lua coder for my 20 slot Cider garry’s mod server for (Free) They will get full superadmin in it.


This car script is for cider by the way.

I am a lua coder now… and ive made it. Please lock this thread as i no longer need it. And ive made my own cider vehicles script. :smiley: