Help with Cinema Server

I downloaded Cinema and Cinema_Theatron from the workshop, extracted them to my server (using Gmad Extractor), and some models don’t show up. Also, doors don’t work. The only thing I haven’t tried is forcing users to download the models. I extracted the cinema gamemode to the gamemode folder and I extracted the Cinema_Theatron to the addons folder. But then I put the BSP file into my maps folder. Should I put the model folders somewhere else? I tried adding the theatron models to the models in the cinema gamemode, but with no luck.

Please explain to me what I am doing wrong, and don’t direct me to FAQs. I’ve already read those.

You can’t see something if it’s not on your client, you need to get a web server, add the maps and the models there and then resource AddFile

Put the models folder in cinema_theatron/models/ into /garrysmod/ and do the same with materials, sounds, and resources if there is one. You should be good after that since it will make the clients download the map from the workshop.

OMG! I don’t know how it worked, but it did. I can’t thank you enough!!! :smile: