Help with Client left game (Steam auth ticket has been canceled)

Hello, so my server is suddenly having some problems.

Whenever you go on the server, it will last like 20 sec then crash saying this:
Dropped USER from server (Client left game (Steam auth ticket has been canceled)

The funny thing is, on the client it will count down from 30, as if the server has crashed…

Full console:

Please help guys, thanks!

Really, nothing?

Yeah, I have/had this issue and I have no idea what would cause it. It’s an absolute pain in the ass, since it would happen, like, once a day.

I did bring this up with _Kilburn a while back, and he had no idea but said one other person mentioned it.

I recently reinstalled the server it occurred on and I don’t think it’s happening anymore, so you could try that.

Alright, thanks!