Help with Collision within 3ds Max

Hi, So I have ripped a prop from fallout new vegas and I have done all the 3ds stuff. So…now that I have my model in gmod how do I go about adding collisions to it ? is there a way to auto collision it ? I am a complete noob at 3DS Max and was hoping anyone with knowledge could help me.

Note: This prop is going within my hammer map, any hammer wizardry for collisions in hammer would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I know that opti & Johnny Guitar were able to get these types of props into gmod with collisions…but how is the question.

The way basic collisions are added is like so:

  1. Load up your reference model SMD file in 3DS Max.
  2. Select the “create shape” tool.
  3. Create the shapes around the prop. If it’s a small prop like a gun or box, the collision model doesn’t have to be complex. If it’s big like the prop in the picture you posted, you’ll wanted to be accurate enough so that it works, but not overly accurate where it uses up a lot of memory or processing power from the game.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you are satisfied with the collision mesh.
  5. Use the “select by name” tool and select the prop you were working on. This includes any part of the prop itself, just make sure you do not select any of the collisions you just made with the shape tool.
  6. Delete the selected parts of the prop. Don’t worry, you’re not ruining the prop in any way.
  7. Export this new model as something like “physics.smd” or “collision.smd”.
  8. In your QC, you’ll need to add this code with specific options regarding your model. Here is a wiki guide regarding the command and it’s options.

Good luck, mate.

Thanks so much for the help man, I was going around in hammer adding individual collision boxes around things…not sure how much lag that would have caused even though I was func_detailing complex vertexes :confused: