Help with compiling a world model that is one model rendered twice into a single model?

Hey, I’m trying to use a SWEP I found on the workshop for a class on a server I play on. In particular, it’s this Dual M60 weapon

It’s a lot of fun to use with certain world models; a living sink dual wielding something as heavy as an m60 is so great. But, the server I’m using this has a ridiculous amount of optimization focus and a lot of requirements for custom content to be added. This weapon’s world model violates them. Apparently, it’s world model is a model of a single M60; except an lua string commands it to be rendered once in each hand, rather than the two M60’s just being their own, single model. In order to get the amazing world model to work properly on this server, it can’t be rendered as two seperate models.

The LUA that allows it to be rendered like this, I believe, is this string here:

SWEP.WElements = {
[“ryrydualm60”] = { type = “Model”, model = “models/weapons/w_m60_ryrygun_gun.mdl”, bone = “ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand”, rel = “”, pos = Vector(0.331, -0.96, 0), angle = Angle(8.89, -8.407, -180), size = Vector(0.882, 0.882, 0.882), color = Color(255, 255, 255, 255), surpresslightning = false, material = “”, skin = 0, bodygroup = {} },
[“ryrydualm602”] = { type = “Model”, model = “models/weapons/w_m60_ryrygun_gun.mdl”, bone = “ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand”, rel = “”, pos = Vector(-5.667, 18.721, -4), angle = Angle(7.602, -5.107, -180), size = Vector(0.884, 0.884, 0.884), color = Color(255, 255, 255, 255), surpresslightning = false, material = “”, skin = 0, bodygroup = {} }

There are other dual wielded swep models that don’t use this method. For instance, CSS dualies. It’s a single compiled model, so I’m looking to make this weapon have a model just like the dualies do. The m60 model is clearly there, I feel like the process wouldn’t be very hard. Seems like all I would have to do is drop the model into some program, copy it, paste it into the same workspace, and move it into position so that it would be held in the opposite hand. I’m not sure how much (if nearly anything at all) would have to be done on the LUA side, but I think I could figure this out with a little bit of guidance. If anyone could help guide me through this, or even just give me some general advice, it would be very appreciated.

just a heads up: i have little to no modeling experience. I DO, however, have a friend with a decent amount, he’s just not available at this time, so I can always cross reference any help you guys give me with him and he see if he can utilize it as well.

Thanks again everyone

Decompile the duel elites world model from CS:S to see how it used hand attachments to have the model displayed in both hands. You can import the model twice into Blender into the same project and be able to have two M60s. Aside from the modelling, rendering two world models is far from unoptimised, and is a pretty stupid reason to not allow something.