Help with compiling tf2 players model

Hi i’m new here but i hope i can get some help. anyways i d/l these 40k tf2 models and skins off the net i found i am redoing them well so far i’m kinda fingering out. but once after i uncompile them i needed to do that to edit the .qc file so now when i compile it the wepons are messed up as in they might be on the ground or in the air or facing the wrong way how do i fix this? thanks for any help

I’m sorry, what?

Send a link to the model’s in question, and if you need to compile a model to mdl, it must be in smd format.

And come on man, that was just a quick google search…

what can i say i’m new to this plus you have no clue on how many google’s i did on this plus i’m an old man who love to game lol that is the link to the models and skins plus he has a little video play of them to there. thanks

ok i got it working now thanks for the links ive been there befor looking at the same places i guess i didn’t under stand the first few times i was reading it or looking at it like i said i am new to this lol