Help with conflicting addons

I’m gonna make it as short and simple as I possibly can.
So I decided to make a Zombie Escape server ( but the base CSS weapons that comes with the gamemode aren’t really that great; recoil wise, so I installed a CSS weapons addon that has more “realistic” recoil, I did not expect the addon to work, but it did, the only problem is that the weapons now shoot twice in a row for some reason, I tried disabling the base weapons that comes with the mode but I failed.
Here is the addon:
Please help me replace the base weapons with that one addon.
Thanks in advance

figured it out via steam chat

the weapons were fine, just the gamemode overwritten how firebullets worked so it spawned more than one bullet

Line 184

Turns out when you disable that line, the weapons don’t do damage anymore, that’s lovely