Help With Connecting

Hi im having a issue connection to my gmod server that i rent for some reason it now says connecting then fails to connect after 4 retries does anyone know what i can do other people can join it just won’t let me?

There are a quite a few reasons why this is happening. Here are a few.

  1. Your may have a weak internet as other can join, but If you can join other Garry’s mod servers then no this isn’t the problem although if other people were using your internet it could have been under stress and too weak to connect (Family members maybe)
  2. The firewall could be blocking it, try connecting when it’s disabled or allow access.
  3. When you say rent is it a company/hosting website or a friend, If a company send them a ticket.
  4. It could be a program in the background stopping it.

But my conclusion is it is probably your issue, not the servers.