help with creating a console command that sets a variable!

Ok so. i have created an entity which basically is a money event for darkrp that when the entity initializes says that a money case was dropped (the money case holds a variable value = 20000 and gives the player that)

anyway, so i was wondering how would i set it up so that when an admin types a certain command followed by a number it will set the value variable to whatever they typed

for example !setvalue 10000 sets the value that drops from the case to 10k.

i apoligise if this is hard to follow but im very very new to lua and i just need this to top off my entity.

thanks in advance.

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i just had a better thought. say i wanted to spawn a case with a value of 10k and i typed

!moneycase 10000. how would i get it to spawn the entity and set the value to 10k

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