Help with creatng meta table

So I am attempting to create a meta table that either returns the name of a table or false. Before I go into more depth, here’s what I think is on the right track to what I think I’m trying to do (if that makes sense).

local meta = FindMetaTable("Player")

function meta:InGroup()
if table.HasValue ( GROUPS.group1.members , self:SteamID() )
return group1

else return false

Now the problem is that within the GROUPS table their can be more “groups”. For instance their can be a group2 or a group3 for example, so I’m not sure how to make this so it checks all possible tables within the GROUPS table and how to also return the specific group# table that the player is in.

I apologize in advance to my obvious cluelessness…

It’d be easier for you if you’d store the group in a player, not a player in a group.

For example

GROUPS.usergroups[self:SteamID() ] = “group1”

local the_groyp = GROUPS.usergroups[ self:SteamID() ]

And then if you want to get the group table, you could just do GROUPS[ the_groyp ] or something.

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But in your case you could do

for id, group in pairs( GROUPS ) do 
	if table.HasValue( group .members , self:SteamID() ) then
		return group

	return false

Couldn’t you do ply:SetUserGroup(group) and then just do ply:GetUserGroup() ?

Didn’t fully read the thread, you should store the groups in the player like so:

ply.groups = {}
ply.groups[groupname] = true

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