Help with custom images

So I’m trying to use custom images for a DImage in my server, how exactly do I add the image to the content to make it not a missing texture when the image is displayed to the players? Thanks


And then fastdl

How do I add that to fastDL, do I have to make it in the content pack? If so how do I make the addon?

Also, does this go in the server, or client file

  1. In case you want to upload it to workshop, use google for it
  2. In case you want it inside your fastdl, just upload it and whatever your web panel is, search for websync
  3. This goes into a server file

I added it in a resource.AddFile thing, all of the pictures i wanted, and made sure all capitalization is lowercase, correct, and in the right place (materials/spawnicons/starwarsships) and all of it shows up as missing textures, not sure what to do to make others and myself see the images.

Your host must provide you an option to sync content to send it to players…You must search it in your host panel

No idea where that is, can’t find it in the panel menu