Help with DarkRP and RagMod

I Am Running a darkrp server, and would also like to put RagMod on it. However It seems ragmod is incompatibble. This makes no sense as things like the taser, and /sleep work on darkrp. I dont know what to do…

Help please… Ragmod on my server would be so amazingly awesome :smiley:

Description of Problem.

  1. get on server
  2. use assmod speed to run fast and that cause ragdolize, (assmod is not issue as this still works in sandbox)(Also jumped buildings and used command. No differences)
  3. become ragdoll adn roll around and get blood all over :smiley:
  4. wait for countdown from 4 to be able to get up.
  5. Press space to stand up.
  6. Ragdoll disappears
  7. crosshairs do appear.
  8. CAN scroll through weapons(i was given them back)
  9. CAN NOT Select/pull out any weapons. >>ALSO does not show weapons from rt cam if i try to equip them.
  10. character seems to be about half way in ground , possibly why i cant move… this is from 1st person view.
  11. use rt camera to see what happens.!!!
  12. character stands up correctly!(in rt cam view)
  13. using wasd keys i can still move around, from rt camera it appears as if nothing is wrong… <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  14. From 1st person view i still only see as though i were playing,(cannot see my own player model) but i cannot use the mouse keyboard to move, but my char IS moving in rt camera.

CONCLUSION. its like when you stand back up, the camera doesnt attach to your player, and he can just walk around whereever he wants.