Help with DarkRP Class making

Hello, I was told to come here by a owner of a server for help creating custom jobs in DarkRP 2.5. I hope this is the right forum section. Right now I know where to put my code but it seems to not work. I go through darkrp addon mod and then lua and then to darkrp_customthings. I then to go jobs.lua and put my code in that area but to my demise my job does not show up! Here is my pastebin with the code in it maybe somebody can peruse it and tell me what is wrong. Thanks

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Looks like you’ve made a mistake with the model path.


TEAM_CUSTOMJOB = DarkRP.createJob("Custom Job", {
        color = Color(255, 0, 0),
        model = "models/player/gman_high/mdl",
        description = [{Custom Job.}],
        weapons = {"weapon_ak472"},
        command = "customjob",
        max = 2,
        salary = 20,
        admin = 0,
        vote = false
        hasLicense = false,

You forgot the equal sign

Also, for help you should go here and use the help & support forums if the wiki fails you.

Or you could just use a darkrp classmaker
Job Generator

And with the description,

description = [{Custom Job.}],

Its suppose to be:

description = [[Custom Job.]],

You also forgot a comma after

vote = false

There were also double braces instead of a brace and parenthese aka }) instead of }}

Sorry for bumping this thread but i felt like needed to post this, and like thelurker said: go here and use the developer section for help if the wiki fails you.

This is easiest creator.

Or you can not be lazy and do it yourself, manually.