Help with Darkrp F4 Menu

I changed the Darkrp F4 menu, but I don’t know how to added the tabs to my new menu. How can I add the tabs from the showteamtabs.lua to my Panels I created?

For Example:

PL.Motd = vgui.Create(“Panel”, F4Menu)
PL.Motd:SetVisible( false )
PL.Motd:SetPos(List:GetWide() + 20, 30)
PL.Motd:SetSize( F4Menu:GetWide() - List:GetWide()- 30, F4Menu:GetTall()-40)
PL.Motd.PaintOver = function()
draw.RoundedBox( 10, 0, 0, PL.Motd:GetWide(), PL.Motd:GetTall(), color_White )
This is one of my panels, but how to add a single tab to it.

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I guess the question really is how do I add the tabs of the current f4 menu to my menu, but not make them tabs anymore.

Using DPropertySheet.

Look at this tutorial.

I’d suggest checking how DarkRP does it, it has an update function and everything packaged nicely inside, files to look in are showteamtabs.lua and vgui.lua(this is where the actual property sheet is parented to a dframe) in client folder. It is a bit overcomplicated in the sense that it reads all the tabs into an actual property sheet through gamemode functions from a separate lua file(showteamtabs.lua).