Help with DarkRP for Gmod11

I installed (on gamemode folder, im not idiot.) darkpRp in Garry’s mod 11. It trows some lua errors, not too many, but it just DONT WORKS. I can’t use any command or entity.

I donwloaded DarkRp from SVN today.

Please note that DarkRP is not a part of Garry’s Mod. This section does not forbid to ask question about Third-Party addons. However, you might get an faster answer by contacting the developer direclty. Many third-party addons even have a forums where you can ask questions.

DarkRP - Wiki (Look here before asking anywhere else) - (report) Issues (Many developers also help users there) - List of Developers

What lua errors do you get?
What DarkRP version? (SVN?)

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