Help with DarkRP GUI

I have currently been working with my team for months to get a perfect Darkrp edit running. It’s Good but im missing something. I’ve seen servers that then you press F4, it shows the same menu every darkrp server has but it’s in a custom color. And i want to know how to do that. Is it a newer version of Darkrp that does that? I’m currently using Darkrp 2.3.7, does that darkrp version have that feature? Please help me! If i get a good answer you will be credited. Thanks!

Sure, just change the derma code that is shown after pressing F4. It should be cl_vgui.lua at line 188 (function ChangeJobVGUI()), i velive it is function that is called at pressing F4.
EDIT: Also you always should use lastet version you know…

The new DRP has a different GUI to the older versions.

DarkRP’s Graphical side is unbelievably ** ugly **