Help with (DarkRP) HUD

Hello everyone,

I started learning Lua using the tutorials of Code Blue and I have come as far as making a visual HUD.
The problem that I have now is that I don’t know enough lua to make it actually fully function as a hud.

The design is finished and the only thing I want to add is a fade for the health bar, so instead of jumping to the new health it should take steps of 1 so it looks fluently.
Also some DarkRP function , the player info above head and most of the important coding isn’t done yet since I don’t have the knowledge.
Pretty much it’s just a design with basic Lua.

If anyone could help me finish this, it would be really nice.

Here are some screenshots of the hud:

Direct URL: Click Here

Direct URL: Click Here

Please note that I want to release the HUD for free and that I will add everyone to the credits who has helped me.

Contact me and I will share the lua file with you (or I will put it on Github if people want that)

If you think this is really bad or you don’t like it, please tell me why instead of just rating this post as dumb. Forums are meant to help eachother out, not to just call people dumb.