Help with DarkRP jobs.

I have jobs set up, but for some reason, whenever I add a new job, people will become that job when after they’ve died at least once, or they start to become a random job. They will have their original job name still, but they will have a random job’s skin. Currently, the ‘Demote after death’ is turned off, and the job they are becoming is “Drug Distributor”
Here is the code for it:

Here is the result:

See the white boxes? It makes no sense because the color for drug distributor is brown. It’s done this with every job I add. I am so frustrated. :frowning: Please help me! All help is MUCH appreciated!!

(PS) - For a little bit more information, I use TCB’s F4 Menu, and TCB’s V2 HUD. If that makes a difference. I want to be thorough…

Get rid of the quotes on weapons.

This aint the place to put this question. This is help and support, for actully playing the game. This kind of thing would go under developer question.

Pretty sure he is not developing addons just making a server which would and should belong under help and support -_-

i solved his problem it was because his alpa on color was to low