Help with DarkRP on my dedicated server ?

Can someone help me with getting DarkRP on my dedicated server ?

My skype: Gushoukoens


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What specifically do you need help with?

With adding counterstrike source to my server.

It’s not rocket science, search on YouTube or copy your existing “cstike” folder to your server directory…

Do you have it downloaded on the same computer that you are hosting with?

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Never move your cstrike folder to the same directory as garrysmod; that breaks mounting.


Then go to your mount.cfg and change the “cstrike” path to wherever it is on your computer. Also, make sure you uncomment it (take out the // in front of “cstrike”).

K i understand right now but how do i download the counter-strike source dedicated server ?

Are you sure because I’ve done that and I have no problem.

You only need the cstrike folder; it doesn’t matter if it’s the game or the server.

Yeah, but where do i get it? !

GOT IT thank you all for help

You said you already had it though…

Thank you for helping me!

Helped me alot

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I got the csgo folder right now but while i do at mount.cfg C:\DarkRP\csgo it will crash.

Because csgo isn’t really supported.

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You should be using CS:S.