Help with DarkRP please

How can I remove a tab at No. 1 and No. 2 options? Please detail.

Why would you want to do it? Its everyones personal preference to change the color, its not like if you were using any custom hud so that it would really make sense to remove it. And its possible that would break your hud completely if you just rip it out.

I remember doing this a while ago. One of things I did to take that tab out was go to DarkRP/Gamemode/Client/vgui.lua and look for

F4Tabs = {GAMEMODE:MoneyTab(), GAMEMODE:JobsTab(), GAMEMODE:EntitiesTab(), GAMEMODE:RPHUDTab()}
and make it
F4Tabs = {GAMEMODE:MoneyTab(), GAMEMODE:JobsTab(), GAMEMODE:EntitiesTab()}

In what file do u then change the stuff inside the tap?


Thanks, I’m do it because I’m want to create custom HUD.

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Man you are wrong, because i don’t have these lines in file, which you say. I’m found it in game mode/client/vgui.lua But thanks for help, without you I would not be able to do this

The “stuff” inside the tabs are in showteamtabs.lua
Tabs shown in the menu is configured in vgui.lua
Hud is in hud.lua…