Help with darkrp?

Hi, I just recently added darkrp to one of my servers and I really need some help on how to do a few things such as making doors unownable or revoking door access from another user as an admin.

If you could help me or just add me on steam that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

You can add me here.

Thanks :)!

If you are admin on the server. You should be able to press F2 on the door and click on make door unnowable.
If it is not there. You should have an option called set door groups/door options when pressing F2.
Sorry, cannot think off the top of my head, should be one of those though. :confused:

Well I pay for my servers with elpishost. and I also have a custom group in ulx called “Owner” Reasoning behind this is because I have chat tags on the server so it shows up saying that im the owner of the server. I don’t have the option to make doors unownable :x

You have to create the owner group in FAdmin aswell and base it off of the superadmin group.

Alright thank you very much :slight_smile: