Help with Decay: Allow destruction of buildings to give salvaged resources.

To help with decay, allow destruction of buildings to return salvaged resources to the player(s) destroying them. It should be like 25% production cost/value of the item. This would be great for several reasons:

  1. Having to destroy and replace a misplaced item can give back a few resources
  2. People will be encouraged to harvest vacant and unattended houses/structures, removing extra objects from the game.
  3. Players will be encouraged to raid each others homes more and encouraged to break more than one wall.
  4. When resources are scarce you can harvest structures.

Basically, as a player does damage to wood objects, they get a small amount of wood in their pack. Same for stone/metal. If you use a timed explosive or ranged weapon, little bags of resource loot drops near the object, which can be picked up or decay/disappear if left alone.

Please let me know what you think.

This has been mention before and is a great idea. Thx for the reminder.

I would love to see recycling of materials in general to get some percentage of resources back.

The destruction of bases should yield a percentage of the materials in the building block back. Although I think if C4 was used, everything should be destroyed.

But that could be applied to anything else you come across. Repaired your gun or tool too many times? Disassemble it to get a small amount of wood and scrap metal back. You can then toss that scrap metal into a furnace and smelt it back down to metal frags. Stone hatchets and burlap clothing picked up in barrels could be disassemble for stone, wood and cloth, etc.

Yeah, great idea. Already mentioned my two cents on other threads about decay so won’t go into it again, but I do like the idea of recycling. Even barrel farming it feels like such a waste to throw stuff away that’s a duplicate. I mean, let’s say I have a hatchet already. Would be cool to pull the stick from a stone hatchet to use in repairing or making a hatchet - especially for those items that have been repaired a bunch already (less uses before breaking).

agree on getting resources from walls etc by harvesting them with melee tools. agree c4/explosives/ranged attacks should not give you anything back. ties in to breaking down gear as well, but most of all i’d actually love barrels to give some metal frags when you break them;)