Help with defib glitch


For some reason every time someone is killed and defibbed, their name on the scoreboard remains confirmed dead when they are alive. Then when they die it says they are alive. Please help me fix this, thanks.

What game-mode? Where’s the code?

Show us the score-board, and the swep.

obv TTT, find public defib.

Ah, if you didn’t code it then I’d suggest contacting the author, or

If you’re able to code, the place to start would be to look at PlayerDeath and trace the code until you find the segment which confirms you dead. There’s a portion of code which sets you dead / missing, etc. That has to be undone, so there’ll be networking involved, and a bit of data-management.

Are you using Willox’s TTT defib

If so, check for any lua errors, because ours is fine

I have the default gamemode defib, could I just replace it and it will be fixed?

What do you mean by default gamemode defib?

I can’t think of any gamemodes off the top of my head that come with one by default

I know there is the med-kit which Robot and a few others worked on? I didn’t think it revived people though… It wouldn’t work for TTT without a bit of modifications because of the networking requirements…

Nevermind, I fixed it. Thanks for the replies though.