Help with different ranks like vip

Well I need help with the way to make vips start with different weapons such as the phys gun on my server. I need the base way to do that. Also if you can, what is a way to make it so only vip can get certain items from the shop?

You’d need to create a user group in your server files first and then set the weapons etc for that usergroup. Sorry i’m a bit busy so I can’t explain it exactly.

if pl:IsUserGroup(“VIP”) then

I believed that they had an older bug where using all capitals in a user group would just disable it completely. Did they fix it? If they did then yeah, this is totally correct.

How do you set a usergroup?

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PERP = Fun when players can actually be serious, and if you don’t know how to set a player group, good luck getting anywhere near to as good as PERP.

Can you make it not in server files run of a mysql database like perp?
because if you add someone you need to restart server and btw does anyone have cider because i cant find it where it says if in donator group give phys gun please help

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