Help with displacements [Request]

Hai facepunch.
Knowing the risks of asking for help here, I lack friends who know hammer well enough or have enough time to do this for me.
Seeing as how I’m very bad at making sexy displacements and landscapes, i thought I’d ask for help here.

Can anyone make me a landscape with variating elevation (not too much) in the surface, and add a larger hill in one corner of the map and also put a river + small lake flowing through the middle?
As shown in this image:

This is how it should look as seen from above, the length and width distances are shown aswell.
The brown area indicates where the hill should be, and the blue obviously represents the river and lake.
ignore the green stuff, that’s just grass to make it easier.
Also nothing is to be added to the map other than displacements, just ignore buildings trees and textures and whatnot.
Also apologies for the image looking like the failed drawing of a drunken two year old.

If anyone would be able to do this for me that’d be great.
Thanks in advance.

Note to every other person asking for a map request, this is how you do it. Lots of detail and an image showing what you want.

Just done this in 5 minutes or so, so a rushed effort, but is this sort of the way you like the river/lake, or would you rather the rivers joining to the lake be narrower?


Let me know if this is still required, so I can keep working on it.

That looks good :slight_smile: but make the entrance and exits if you may call them so, of the river a bit narrower so that the lake itself stands out more.

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Also regarding the hill in the corner, could you actually make it a cliff instead of just a hill? Like you know, it shouldnt be available to just walk up, but rather like a rocky cliffside <3

Sure, those are no problem at all, I’m round the Mrs’ tonight but tomorrow I’ll get on it for you!

Tell 'er I said hai :3

Haven’t forgotten about you Phaze so don’t worry! You’ll have some more images tonight, potentially finished map if I don’t need to go grocery shopping.

Oh don’t worry man we can order some pizza for tonight <3

For the same cost of a large pizza I can get enough food for 3-4 Days D:

It’s on the house!

Ever so kind! A lot of the map is done but I kind of passed out prematurely while having a break from it. Screenshots tonight my friend along with a BSP file if you wish.

Just the vmf is fine thanks :3

Hows the map coming along?

I am alive don’t worry, map is still strong, just not been at home much recently, it’ll come don’t you worry <3

I appreciate your help, but should it really take this long? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all done :v:

Just need to pop you the BSP, work has been controlling my life at the minute I am afraid.

Right as said before map is all done, I’ll add you on steam tonight and then pop you the file over as well, sorry for the delay, work really has been manic and not left me with much time to do anything else.